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incredibly tired

annoyed with mother dearest.

don’t feel like washing off make-up.

i have to work tomorrow.

bought mother dearest something today, she turned down the gift and didn’t understand why i was irritated with her. then she asks me to help her feed the kittens. one can eat by itself and the other needs to be bottle fed, so i was like no, you can do that by yourself. then she’s all there is other stuff you have to do when you feed the kittens (feed them, clean their faces and any excess milk on their fur, help them go to the bathroom, clean the supplies, make milk for next feeding.) no shit there is other stuff you have to do, i’m with them ALL day, i do that ALL day, while you’re at work i do that ALL day by MYself. yea, do it yourself. also, i am the only one whose bought any supplies for the kittens. wtf. you wanted these kittens as well so help out financially. shit man this is fucking ridiculous. 

i have liquid eyeliner on my top lid, pencil liner lining my bottom lids and they are both waterproof. i also have on almost 3 coats of mascara, so yea don’t feel like washing this shit off. i also need to wash my hair, i cannot remember the last time i washed it. i’m disgusting. 

i work tomorrow, and i should not be complaining about that seeings how i had the past three days off. but i haven’t full rested since sunday, the kittens need care basically all day so i’m up much earlier than i would like. 

i’ve basically eaten shit food all week. my diet has mostly consisted of cereal and poptarts. no wonder i’m so lethargic, i’m lacking nutrients. 

this week so far has been fan-fucking-tastic. 

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2 years ago
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